Sunday, July 13, 2008

Looking for Leah...

For the past few weeks I have been attending these social gatherings hosted by the talented Leah for local ETSY artists called ETSY Tea... Normally these events are held in Laurelhurst park. This past week we planned to go berry picking on Sauvey Island at this great no spray farm.
all I knew was the name of the Island.... and that Leah has a pathological fear of answering her cell phone for any and all reasons.

Here are some photos of my afternoon spent 'Looking for Leah'

Through fields and lanes I drove and drove until I found her car... but she was nowhere to be found... which wasn't half bad, as it was such a lovely day.

Eventually though... I found her. Spotted her by the orange pants.

We spent some time picking raspberries and cherries... mostly I just ate them.

Leah's 'special friend' Tim is gonna make raspberry jam with the bounty... I cant wait!


Leah said...

you rock Poe!! Great pictures

I am so glad you found us!!

Amanda said...

Hey Poe! I'm tagging you to answer a blog meme.

Check it out on my blog:

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